Thursday, August 27, 2009

What were we talking about?

I know you.
You've been thinking of or at least toyed with the idea of being a totally badass Superhero like Yours Truly. You feel a powerful arousal (which you claim is non-sexual) when you see a website advertising night vision, grappling hooks, miniaturized mechanical odds and ends, and all manner of other things which you think will prepare you for the various situations you will run into "on the street."
Lemme tell you somethin', champ - gadgets don't fight crime for you. They don't make you awesome. And riddle me this - how are you going to lug around all those specialized tools for the myriad different situations you'll encounter?
Did you ever notice that James Bond gets new gadgets every movie, but doesn't retain the stuff from the previous films? It's hard to look sexy when you're carrying 300 pounds of miniature flame throwers and diamond-tipped saws.
I'm not saying you go out there with just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt - you need certain tools. But you need just a handful of (mostly) primitive stuff. Logistics prevent you from carrying everything you "need." What are these basic tools, you ask? Come to class and find out!

Stay Super.